7 Great Easter Traditions That Will Never Get Old ...


7 Great Easter Traditions That Will Never Get Old ...
7 Great Easter Traditions That Will Never Get Old ...

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday, and Easter traditions are all special in my home. I love that my parents started these traditions with my sister and me at such an early age, as they've helped make such wonderful warm memories year after year. No matter how old you get, you can always travel back in time to those special memories and recreate the same Easter traditions that will never get old!

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Easter Egg Hunts

One of the most wonderful and memorable Easter Traditions for me as a child was waking up to a basket from the Easter bunny at my door, always followed by an Easter egg hunt. I always remember finding little chocolate eggs weeks later in places I missed on Easter morning, keeping those memories fresh in mind.


Coloring Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is said to date back to at least the 13th century – how amazing that it is still a cherished tradition to this day? Being an ancient symbol of new life, decorating Easter eggs continues to be a favourite modern tradition that children and adults all love. Go hard-boil some eggs and get those coloring kits out - it's so much fun!


The Delicious Feast

It is a traditional Christian practice to abstain from certain delicacies leading up to Easter, so Easter Day is a special time to enjoy all of the goodies that you gave up during those forty days! As a child, I always vowed to give up some delectable treat like chocolate or candy, which always made Easter morning extremely special. To this day, I still try to abstain from something I enjoy for those long forty days, while trying to avoid a stomach ache Easter Day when I'm allowed to spoil myself once again!


Mini Eggs

A modern treat that I simply cannot get enough of is mini eggs… those delicious chocolates coated in a crunchy shell are addictive and quickly became a favourite Easter tradition of mine. I always remember getting excited when the mini eggs would come out in the grocery stores, knowing that Easter was on its way. Cadbury now stocks this delicious treat year round, which makes it a little less special during the Easter season, but at least you can enjoy those little chocolates whenever you have a craving!


The Easter Bunny

You will not find any mention of the Easter Bunny in the Bible, but the Easter Bunny has become a prominent symbol for this Christian holiday. The precise origins of this fairytale creature are undocumented, but rabbits are inherently a symbol of fertility and new life. The Easter Bunny was an exciting piece of the Easter tradition in my home, since he was the one who hid all of those delicious chocolate eggs around our house for my sister and me to find!


Hot Cross Buns

These rich, spiced tea cakes, known as Hot Cross Buns, are another common Easter tradition. In many historically Christian countries and Christian households, these sweet buns with a cross on the outside represent the Crucifixion and are typically eaten warm or lightly toasted. Showing up with Lent, they continue to be enjoyed until Good Friday. Whether you are a fan of hot cross buns or not, I am sure you have all seen these little treats show up around Easter!


Dressed to Impress

One of my favourite memories at this time of year was always getting a new spring outfit to wear for Easter. I had no idea, but the tradition of wearing new duds on Easter actually dates back centuries, where people chose to celebrate rebirth with a new addition to their wardrobe. Any excuse to go shopping for a cute new outfit is music to my ears!

Regardless if you celebrate Easter with religious traditions or not, it has become a favourite holiday for families around the world. There is something so comforting about families coming together and enjoying good food, good company and creating lasting memories. Easter will always be an exciting time of year for me, as the optimism of spring also appears after a long and cold winter. Are there any special traditions that you enjoy as part of your Easter celebration? It’s your turn to share!
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