Don't Worry, Be Happy! Signs You Worry Way Too Much ...

Are you a chronic worrier? Do you struggle with worrying way more than you should? This article can give you some insight on the signs of being a chronic worrier and some helpful tips to deal with that. I hope it offers you some insight and inspiration.

1. You Can’t Relax

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If you worry too much then you probably aren’t great at relaxing. That’s because it’s difficult to relax when you’re constantly stressing over things in your life and trying to figure them out. I understand this completely because worrying is something I struggle with, too. But there’re a few things I’ve found to be helpful. Making yourself have downtime and focusing on things you enjoy can help.

2. You’re Always Worrying over Something

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If you’re a chronic worrier then you’re always worrying about something. There’s rarely a time when worries aren’t on your mind. It can be helpful to write down what your worries are. Seeing them on paper can help you to see that some things you’re worrying over really aren’t worth the worry. In fact, some of them can seem quite ridiculous to you when you see them on paper.

3. When One Thing is Resolved, You Immediately Worry over Another

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Have you been there? You have a worry and then it’s resolved and you immediately find something new to worry about. When this happens to you, catch yourself. Realize that worry has become a habit to you. Tell yourself that there’re some things that’re worth concern but you don’t have to spend all your mental energy that way. It’s also good to remind yourself that many of the things you’re worrying about will never come to be.

4. You’ve Had Physical Symptoms Due to Worrying

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Worrying can cause physical symptoms. It can cause you to have anxiety attacks; it can cause stomach aches, backaches or even illnesses because your stress level is so high. If your worry reaches this level, it’s time to take more drastic measures. Journaling, yoga and meditation are all good strategies to try. If none of those’re effective then it might be a good idea to see your doctor.

5. You’re Not the Laidback Type

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If you’re a worrier then chances are that you’re not terribly laid back. Worriers are typically Type-A people. And although you can’t fully change your personality type, you can learn from the Type-B people around you. Ask them how they keep worry from being an issue in their life. They may offer you some very helpful advice.

6. You Feel Worrying Can Prevent Bad Things from Happening

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This’s a lie that many chronic worriers believe. You think that if you worry about something enough then it won’t happen. As backward as it sounds, you feel a layer of protection from worrying. This’s untrue. Worrying will do you more harm than good. Try to put your thoughts toward solving the problem you’re worrying over instead of just worrying.

7. You’ve Been Told You’re a Chronic Worrier

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Chances are you’ve been told you’re a chronic worrier if you worry too much. People can easily observe this about you. Worrying is a habit that you can get yourself into. But it’s also one you can break if you try hard enough. When worrying starts to take over, reason with yourself. Remind yourself of all the ways things can go right.

These’re 7 signs you worry too much and some things you can do about that. Do you worry too much? You’re welcome to share your thoughts.

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