Ways to Make Yourself Successful in the Future πŸ•° for Girls Thinking Ahead ...

There are so many things you can do right now that will positively impact your future. Doing these things will ultimately make the future you so proud of the current you. We all know that our daily choices have an effect on our future, so why not make choices that will make your future better?

1. Commit to Packing Your Lunch

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Not only will you save yourself some much needed money, but you will also cut out a few calories. By this time next year, you will have a little change in your pocket and your clothes will fit a little looser.

2. Plan a New Tradition

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Plan something new that you will do and celebrate each year. Maybe you can start celebrating yours and your family’s half birthdays. Or maybe you and your best friend can commit to an annual girls' only weekend get-a-way.

3. Mark Important Dates

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Get out your calendar and mark down every important birthday and anniversary that you need to remember. It’s even better if you can do this with an online calendar through your email or phone that will save these dates for future years. Doing this will keep you from forgetting birthdays for years to come.

4. Automatic Bill Pay

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This can be such a blessing. Think about how much time you can save by getting your utility and credit accounts set up for automatic payments. In a year you will be so happy you set this up now.

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Do you already practice yoga? If not, now is the time to start. Yoga is something that takes time and practice to master. It will help increase your flexibility and strength. You won’t just see an increase in your physical strength but also in your mental strength and stamina.

6. Plant Some Perennials

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Make the most of your outside space by planting some beautiful perennials. They look great and will come back every year. Next year, you won’t have to do any work to have a gorgeous garden. Add to it every year if you want.

7. Start a Savings Plan

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Now is the time to get your money in order. If you aren’t already putting a little bit into savings each month, start. If your paychecks are already maxed out, find ways you can cut back to free up some money.

Think about how these few things will impact your life in one year. Think about how they will impact your life beyond just a year. I am sure you can see how awesome these changes can be and how proud of yourself you would feel if you saved a little money, lost some weight, or planned an awesome trip with your best friend.

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