11 Cool Foreign Words without an English Translation ...


While the list of foreign words without an English translation could go on and on, along with the list of so-called “English” words we’ve lifted from other languages, there are a few that are especially interesting. As our world shrinks, and we all borrow expressions and ideas from other cultures and languages, we’ll learn more and more of these. To get you going, and encourage you to fall utterly and completely in love with the concept, here are just a handful of fabulous foreign words without an English translation… or at least and EXACT English translation.

1. Nanda Kke –Japanese

I learned this one from my friend Masami, who would occasionally say this while snapping her fingers, when she was at a loss for an English word, one that was on the tip of her tongue. I asked her what it meant, and she laughed and told me it means something like, “What is it? What is it?” or “What’s that thing I’ve forgotten?” I love it! Having actually seen this one in action, it’s my favorite of the foreign words without an English translation. If you like it as well, pay special attention to item 4; you might like that one, too!

Nyako – Japanese
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