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Do you need a confidence boost? If so, take a lesson from people who are the epitome of confidence. If you know someone who always holds her head up high, and speaks and walks with confidence, you might wonder: what's her secret? Granted, some people seem to be naturally confident, but this doesn't mean you can't learn to be happy in your own skin. Here's a look at seven things confident people do.

1. They Don't Compare Themselves to Others

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Confident people aren't perfect and they make mistakes, but they don't make a habit of comparing themselves to others. They might admire qualities and traits in another person. However, they're happy being themselves. They might strive to become better people, but they don't beat themselves up over imperfections they can't control.

2. They Don't Worry about the Opinions of Others

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Confident people realize others are going to talk about them regardless of whether they're doing good or bad, so they don't worry about the opinions of others. This doesn't mean they don't accept constructive criticism. However, they're not people-pleasers, nor do they give others power over their emotions and feelings.

3. They Don't Follow the Crowd

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Confident people march to their own beat. They don't feel the need to go along with the crowd, and they're not afraid to have or express their own opinions, even when it goes against popular opinion.

4. They Don't Need Praise or Reassurance

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A person who's confident appreciates when anyone offers praise or reassurance, but they don't need constant appraisal to feel good about themselves. They are their own cheerleader. Additionally, a person who's confident doesn't have a problem giving others praise. They offer compliments, and they don't feel threatened if someone looks better or has more financially.

5. They Don't Give up Easily

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When I think about the confident people I know, most of these individuals are go-getters. They don't take no for an answer when it comes to reaching their goals, and they're willing to go the extra mile to make their dreams come true. They experience disappointments just like everyone else, but they believe in themselves and keep moving forward.

6. They Don't Have to Be the Center of Attention

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Some people have to be the center of attention. Whether they're at work or hanging out with friends, they have to be the loudest one in the group. Not because this is their personality, but because they need to be seen and heard. Take a lesson from confident people. They don't feel the need to have everyone's attention at every given moment. In fact, the most confident person in the room might be the one sitting back and only speaking when she has something to say.

7. They Don't Gossip

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We're all guilty of the occasional gossip talk from time to time, this doesn't necessarily mean we lack confidence. But if you're always talking about people behind their backs, and if this talk isn't good, it's time for a confidence check. Confident people don't feel threatened, nor do they feel the need to tear down others in order to feel better about themselves.

Learn how to imitate the qualities of confident people and you'll not only feel better about yourself, you'll have a better outlook on life. What are other qualities of a confident person?

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