Commitments to Make on International Women's Day 2019 ...

If you weren’t already aware, Friday 8th March is annual International Women’s Day, and it is a day that I think we should all be much quicker to recognize and enjoy! It is a day when we are all encouraged to come together to celebrate the achievements and power of women all over the world, and to embrace the wonderful sisterhood that exists across the globe. Each International Women’s Day arrives with a new theme, and in 2019 the theme is #BalanceForBetter. It’s all about the fact that we all have to do our own small part in order to re-address the balance in gender equality across the world, starting from the smallest grass roots places right to the top. There are some commitments to make on International Women's Day to support the cause:

1. Year Long

This amazing theme doesn’t just begin and end on March 8th. #BalanceForBetter should be something that we all aim to carry in our lives and hearts every single day for the entire year. The campaign is only just beginning, and it is coming together to be a galvanized effort to reinforce the important message that we need equality and balance in all areas of life, both professional and personal!