Bucket List 101: the How's and Why's to Write One ...

lmLife is short. The average human being lives approximately 25,000 days, or nearly 70 years, plodding about this great wide yonder before they’re – POP! – no more. So if you’re hoping to get anything out of it – out of those 25,000 days, out of this Life – then you’ve gotta prioritize what those things are. That’s where your bucket list comes in.

A bucket list is no ordinary list. The enumeration of tasks on your everyday to-do has no business appearing on your bucket list. A bucket list highlights all that you wish to do or accomplish before you kick that eternal bucket, and “pick up Gary’s suit from the laundromat” sure as hell ain’t any part of that.
To give you some idea, I’ll draw from my own Bucket List:
“Hike and camp out overnight on the Great Wall”
“Serve a year as a volunteer in a foreign country”
“Take a balloon ride over the Serengeti”
“Travel solo”
“Learn to tango in Buenos Aires”
“live in Europe on a dime”
(Some I've done, others are still on my list)

Of course, your bucket list needn’t be travel based. These are simply my personal priorities – explore and adventure – but they aren’t practical for everyone...may not even be “practical” for me. But the repercussions of impracticality won’t last too long, right? Only less than 25,000 days here, after all...

So now you know why you should make your bucket list, but what about how? If you’ve no idea where to start, here are five helpful tips for creating your bucket list.

1. Let It Grow Organically

The bucket list should evolve and grow as time progresses. Rather than sit down and cement an unchanging list, produce your list spontaneously. Goals and ambitions change as you get older, but your real DREAM dreams – which should be the content of your bucket list – will likely always be a fire within you, a passion, a secret ambition; and more and more of these secret ambitions will crop up as life so often inspires them. So always grow your list. Until you really do kick the bucket.

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