Brilliant πŸ’‘ Ways to Throw Away πŸ—‘ Your Negative πŸ‘Ž Body Image πŸ˜” Thoughts πŸ’­ ...

It’s an unfortunate truth, but the fact of the matter is that more and more young woman (and older women, in fact) are starting to develop negative thoughts and opinions about their bodies thanks to the incessant presence of the unachievable online. The more we are exposed to opinions and standards that are way above reality, the worse we are going to feel about ourselves, but this doesn’t have to be the way that you live your life. Here are some suggestions for ways to change your negative body image. It will help you to become a much happier and more contented person.

1. Take It Easy

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It sounds simple and silly, but to start with you just really need to try to be kinder to yourself. Make the effort to say something nice about yourself whenever you look in a mirror, and this repeated positivity will eventually start to seep in and make a difference.

2. Forget Fad Diets

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Get out of the habit of trying to take up every new fad diet that comes around the corner. They are fads because they are untested and unproven, so if you want to change your eating habits in a meaningful way, it is best to just stick to the tried and tested methods as advised by professional nutritionists and dieticians. Exercise and healthy choices all round!

3. Know Your Body

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You need to really get to know your body. If you are only 5’2’’, the weight you carry is going to look different to a 6’ model with exactly the same number. Don’t compare yourself with people and bodies who are completely different to you. It breeds a mindset that is always going to be unachievable.

4. Solve Problems, Don’t Eat Them

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This relates to doing the hard work to solve emotional problems that might crop up, rather than just trying to bury them with bad food choices. Comfort food is an immediate fix for some issues, but unless you address the cause and the source, they won’t go away and you will just be left with more calories in your body than you want.

5. Long Term

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Think in the long term rather than the short term. An unhealthy, risky diet might help you to drop 20 pounds in two weeks, but that is not a sustainable way to live. Instead, work on things that are going to help you get the best results in the long term.

6. Celebrate Uniqueness

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Who says you need to be just like everyone else, anyway? Uniqueness is something that should be celebrated, not chastised. Find what makes you different and accentuate it. Imperfections to you might be perfections in the eye of someone else!

7. Find Inspiration

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Thanks to the wide reach of social media, there are role models and inspirational figures for pretty much every type of women these days, not just the flawless supermodels that we used to only see. From plus size to midsize to everything else under the sun, it’s all about finding the voices and the figures that can give you a relatable confidence boost.

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