Body Positive βœ… Instagram Accounts πŸ“± Self Conscious πŸ˜” Girls Will Love ❀️ for a Confidence Boost 😁 ...

Instagram can be as encouraging or discouraging as you make it. If you only follow models and celebrities, you'll be bombarded with photoshopped images and unrealistic expectations every day. That's why you should mix a healthy dose of body positivity into your Instagram feed with these fantastic accounts.

1. Healthy is the New Skinny

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Healthy is the New Skinny posts pictures of real women ("real" meaning not photoshopped) as well as inspirational and humorous quotes. They believe a healthy lifestyle and body positivity are key to a happier you. This account is a great reminder that how you feel inside matters more than what shows up on the camera or mirror. As long as you are eating right and exercising to the best of your ability, you are showing your body love and that's the most important thing!
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