7 Blogs by Inspiring Women That You've Got to Read ...

I love to start my day reading blogs by inspiring women. I always feel upbeat and empowered after reading their blogs. There are so many women with such amazing stories, many of whom have conquered debilitating diseases or are fighting to make the world a better place. Reading blogs by inspiring women always teaches me something about fortitude and believing in yourself. If you want to feel inspired and empowered, I highly recommend reading these blogs.

1. The Wellness Warrior

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The Wellness Warrior is a blog written by the amazing Jess Ainscough. Jess began her blog to chronicle her recovery from epitheliod sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer that was found in her left arm and elbow when she was just 22. She was told that the only way she would survive was by having her arm amputated, but she didn’t believe this was the only option. She decided to treat her cancer using the nutritional program set out in Gerson Therapy. Five years later she is cancer free and has her arm! Her blog has inspirational messages, nutrition information, and details about her recovery. Jess has also written a book, Make Peace with Your Plate: Change Your Life One Meal at a Time. This is one of the blogs by inspiring women that you must read.

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