9 Beautiful Ways to Stay Creative Every Single Day ...

Many of us try to come up with ways to stay creative every day, but it is not always easy. Life seems to just take up too much of your time and there isn’t enough light in the day to let your creative juice flow. This list of ways to stay creative will hopefully allow you to bring more creativity into your life.

1. Step Away from the Computer

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This may sounds very clichΓ© since you’re sitting in front of the computer reading my article right now, but it’s true. Step away from technology and take a breather. Your creativity can diminish if you’re constantly sitting in front of the computer, checking Facebook or writing emails! You have to get out in the world and see all of its beauty to be creative! So go and find ways to stay creative outside technology... well at least after you get done reading my article.

2. Make Lists

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Making lists of the things I would like to accomplish is a lifesaver. I write down whatever I want to get done and it’s there in my face so I know I need to do it! It is a small but creative way to keep me motivated and accountable for the things I need to do. Remember that fitness motivation board you have? It is the exact same concept. This motivation board just covers all aspects of your life!

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

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Practice makes perfect. I have heard this statement my whole life and I have to say, it is entirely true. Practicing your creativity will make you better at it! Everyone knows this; some of you are just lazy like me. If you want to get better at your craft or creativity, then you have to practice a lot. It is hard work, but it will pay off. Go practice!

4. Make Mistakes

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Making mistakes seems to be a backward step in the direction of being creative but in the end, it is actually a step forward. Mistakes teach you what you’re doing wrong. Whether it is a typo in an article you're writing, too much paint on that brushstroke or falling off your bike on a mountain trail, it is all a part of becoming better at something. If you don’t make mistakes, then you can’t learn to pick yourself back up and do better.

5. Read a Page of the Dictionary

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I haven’t personally done this, but it is on my list of things to do now! Maybe I will even try to incorporate it into my daily routine. Reading a page of the dictionary can help any writer’s creativity blossom ,or it can just help you broaden your vocabulary. It will take you 15-20 minutes maybe depending on the size of your dictionary. Not a bad way to spend a little time bettering yourself.

6. Clean Your Workspace

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How can you work in a dirty workspace? How do you expect to be able to finish any of your projects? You may say that it is fine since you know where everything is, but it puts a damper on your creativity. I know it’s hard because it is one other thing to clean, but I promise you will thank yourself later. Clean workspaces look tidy and make you want to start or finish an old project!

7. Have Fun

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Having fun is key to your creativity. You can never be creative if you’re not having fun and are unhappy. You need to have the feel of happiness and fulfillment in order to produce something amazing! Whether it’s writing in your journal every day, baking, or even learning a different language, the happiness you receive from being creative will make all the hard work feel worth it!

8. Get Lots of Rest

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Getting lots of zzz’s is not only good for your health, but also your creativity. How many times have you tried to do a project or something creative only got halfway done because you were too tired? So you stop and leave it on the table or your workspace only to sit there for what seems like forever, never getting finished! Rest is essential to getting everything you want done. So be nice to yourself and go to bed early!

9. Go Somewhere New

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I don’t know about any of you, but when I go someplace new, I just get this exciting rush where I just want to do something fantastic! Exploring new places is great! You get to see different aspects of life and you also learn a few new things about yourself. These are all great muses to use for your creativity. So pick a place that you always wanted to go and just get on a plane or hop in the car and let your creative juices start flowing!

These ways to stay creative may seem obvious or even mundane to some of you, but it is a way to allow your creativity to come out, to start making yourself a little more accountable to being creative every day. Do you think these will allow you to stay creative? What other ways can you be creative every day?

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