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Be Careful with Your Heart by Erin Hanson ...

By Jocelyn

Be Careful With Your Heart by Erin Hanson

Though you've not known something so deep,
There is the limit to the secrets
Even the strongest one can keep.
And if you force them even downward;
Each one pressed against the last
All of your newest take the features
Of the secrets from your past.
Then one day without warning
You'll bite your tongue just once too often,
And you'll feel the heavy casing
Around your heart begin to soften.
Until there's no way of stopping
The flood of feelings you held down,
And it is then you must decide,
If you let go or if you drown.

A poem for you on how you let go of the things that you kept and not anyone knows, that you are already fed up but you keep your head high, cause the people around you don't understand why. Emotions are so strong, people don't really know, that the person is on fire and they think you're as calm as the snow. And there's nothing more frustrating than being misunderstood; it causes more trouble than you think it's going to happen. So, try to let go one piece at a time, and before you know it, it's all gone. Time heals, yes\ it does but you have to convince yourself that there's nothing good in it for you. Keep yourself busy with your own thing, if you find better things to focus on, it keeps your mind off. It's hard holding back but sometimes its necessary, try to weigh things first; once you spit it out, you can't get it back.

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