2. Binging

Overeating and binging are not the same issue, but they are very similar. If you binge, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an eating disorder, though it could, or could lead to that. Binging, is the cycle of eating copious amounts of food in one sitting, either planned or not planned, to emotionally numb yourself from something. Binge eaters use food as a drug to numb some type of pain or void in their life.

It is not the same as overeating where you just eat too much. Binge eaters may eat up to 3,000 calories or more just in one sitting, and eat past the point of pain and nausea to stuff away feelings. Over time, it becomes a harmful habit that can lead to obesity, depression, diabetes, digestive disorders, and a full blown eating disorder. It takes hard work but you so do have to get out of the cycle. Understand why you do this and when and take steps to change.

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