5. I Worked with Someone Who Told Me They'd Never like Me. but for Some Reason, I Just Felt like I Needed Her Approval. so I Started Changing Myself to Please Her. It Made Me Stop Being Social and Friendly. I Was so Unhappy"

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We can never please everyone else and it would be both silly and impossible to even try.

The truth is that we don't need to please anyone else in this world, and if you do try to do this, you will be unhappy and constantly feel like you're not good enough when in fact you were from the very beginning.

Don't feel as though you need to change anything about yourself for other people, they will either accept you for who you truly are or not, but that decision truly doesn't affect you so don't make it a priority!

The Best Fashion Advice I'd Say Would Be Just to do What Makes You Comfortable and What Makes You Feel Cute, and That's How You're Gonna Look Your Best 'cause when You Feel Your Best, Everybody else Can Feel It, Too"
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