A Message for My Child ...


A Message for My Child ...
A Message for My Child ...

A Message For My Child

I can give you life,
but I can't live it for you.
I can give you instructions
But I can't tell you where to go.
I can give you liberty,
but I can't help you to protect it.
I can teach you the difference between good and bad,
but I can't make that decision for you.
I can give you advice,
but I can't accept it for you.
I can give you love,
but I can't force you to receive it.
I can teach you to share,
but I can't stop you from being selfish.
I can teach you to respect,
but I can't make you be respected.
I can counsel you about your friends,
but I can't choose them for you.
I can talk to you about having important goals,
but I can't achieve them for you.
I can teach you about charity
but I can't make you be generous.
I can pray for you,
but I can't make you walk with God.
I can talk to you about how to live,
but I can't give you eternal life.
When everything is said and done,
everybody decides for her or himself
how they will live their life.
I love you, I accept you, and
I hope with all my heart that
you make the right decisions.
By Unknown
A poem that every parent should read and realise, as much as we want the best for our children, by the time they grow they have to be their own person, they have to make their own decisions and no matter how hard it is for a parent to impart the best that you could possibly give to your kids, they still choose their own way. Support, love and guidance are very important because we are not like the animals, we need each other until the day we die. It is such a wonderful blessing to be born, be a person, but it's maze of a world out there, and life will test you, crush you, burn you, and you make that decision to which way to go, to come out a better person, or a bitter one. Your kids look up to you, how you overcome your own troubles will be their lessons too. You need to realise that they watch more than you think and listen more than you know, they have their own understanding and perception, as a parent it is your job to work your way through it. Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs on earth and it is the most rewarding too.

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