Ways to Detox♻️Your Junk Emotions 🗑for Girls Who Feel out of Control😱 ...


Have you ever thought that some of your emotions are just as bad for your health as junk fund? If you indulge in your junk emotions, you’re creating psychological damage in the same way as stuffing hamburgers creates physiological damage. In the same way you decide to do a body detox after a period of not so healthy eating, you should consider doing an emotion detox after a slump or a bad time. This is how:

1. Be Brave and Acknowledge Your Pain

The first Noble Truth of the Buddha is that life is suffering, and if it’s true for the Buddha then it is certainly true for all of us! The message here is to not bottle up your emotions, acknowledge your pain and you will be able to cleanse yourself at a much quicker rate.

Be Honest with Others and with Yourself
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