9 Ways the Law of Attraction Actually Works ...


I first bought a law of attraction book when my son was in hospital with sepsis.

He was three weeks old and recovering well, but I wasn’t quite ready to let myself sleep.

In the hospital shop was a law of attraction book.

Being in my spaced out and only-partially-coherent state, I decided it’d be a good one to read.

Years on, and I know people who are strict adherents!

Now this is something I love, because it involves a whole lotta being nice.2

It seems to work for them, and there are perfectly plausible reasons as to why.

1. Generally, Being Nice Returns Niceness

There is no magical secrets behind the phenomenon that is people being nice to you when you are nice to them too.

I have spent time in emergency rooms (ERs) over the course of my degree.

Trust me, when you are in an emergency room you are more likely to get nastiness hurled in your direction.

The law of attraction promotes sending love through always being nice to others.

Even in the ER, this approach helps people simmer down.

There is no big law of attraction secret here;

people just generally need a little love at times to be nice themselves.

2. Acting with Meaning = Productivity

Another key lesson you learn as a law of attraction student is to be purposeful with each action.

This then generates success.

Well, of course it does!

The more purposeful and focused you are, the more productive you are.

You get organized, every moment goes towards something productive, and life turns out well.

3. Appreciation Makes the World Sunnier

One lesson that really stuck out to me was appreciating the moment.2

As the book put it: β€œWith one foot in the future and another in the past, you can only pee on the present.” Yup, absolutely true.

When you stop and take a good look at what is great around you, everything seems sunnier.

There are definitely times when this is hard, but for many of us there is almost always something to love.

This isn’t really a case of the universe making your life better;

you just learn to love it more.

Trusting More Leads to Success
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