Today is the Best (sort of) Holiday Ever! ...


You read that right: today, which is both Christmas Card Day AND Pastry Day, is, without a doubt, the best kind-of holiday EVER. Why, you ask?

A little background: Christmas Card Day honors Sir Henry Cole of England, who created the first commercial Christmas Card in 1843. December 9th is really the ideal day to celebrate this "holiday," too, because if you mail them all out today, they'll reach their destinations in enough time for Christmas. Hooray!

And what better sort-of holiday to pair it with than Pastry Day?

I can't think of a better holiday-madness break than to pour a cup of tea, write out your Christmas cards, and enjoy a tasty pastry.

Baked with love by whichever of the Hemsworth brothers you prefer.

See what I mean?




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