This is How You Become a Superhero ...

Every superhero has a special power or strength.

But of course this is fantasy.

Real humans cannot fly using webs, have x-ray vision or stop bullets with steel bracelets.

But strength of character - another essential quality of a superhero - is attainable by mere mortals.

Here’s how – and you don’t need to be able to leap over tall buildings …

1. Mental Strength

Mental Strength

One of the best ways to become your own superhero is take a step back from your everyday life and actually assess the current state of your mental strength.

Are you comfortable with the way that your life is going?

Do your current choices make you a happy and content person?

If you find that you are not being as mentally strong and don’t have as much conviction as you wish you had, then you can start seeking ways to change this behavior in order to be a mentally stronger and happier person all round.

Identify Your Powers