9 Things to do This Spring That Will Make You Happy ...


There are so many things to do this spring that are sure to make you happy.

I think you will agree with me that springtime makes everyone feel more alive;

there is a renewed sense of hope, vigor and more energy in the day.2

I say shed your winter coat (and wardrobe), get out there and enjoy this list of things to do this spring.2

1. Leave Your Windows Open to Catch a Spring Breeze

Leave Your Windows Open to Catch a Spring Breeze

One of the very first things to do this spring would be to leave your windows open, to catch that spring breeze!

Whenever there is so much as a hint of sunshine outside, I'm the first to open up my windows, to get some fresh air in.

I love having both the windows and doors open to get that cross-breeze going.

It's brilliant having the extra energy in the house, and it helps circulate the stagnant air that's been lying dormant over the winter months.2

Get Caught in a Spring Shower
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