26 Things 📝 Emotionally Abused 😭 Children 👶 Carry into Adulthood 👩 ...


Personally I was emotionally abused as a child and I qualify for more than half of the things that are listed here.

Just know that you aren't alone.

The impact of being emotionally abused as a child can be devastating and it's important to seek counseling so that you can live a happy an fulfilling life.

Any kind of abuse can wreck a life, but children are especially vulnerable. So if you're wondering about the impact of being emotionally abused as a child, you're in the right place. Here's what you might be going through. Remember to seek help for assistance working through your emotions.

1. You Ask Questions over and over Again

Having been berated, you tend to doubt yourself so even if you know the answer, you ask anyway. Or you second guess yourself because you have a fear of being wrong or being made fun of because you gave the "wrong" answer. The impact of being an emotionally abused child won't end just because you're an adult now, as you can see.

You're Always Saying Sorry
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