7 Reasons to Use a Daily Planner and What It Can do for You ...


I’m an organization nut, and over the years a planner has given me proof of multiple reasons to use a daily planner to make my life easier.2

If you don’t have a daily planner, I encourage you to get one, or at least use one of the many apps on your phone for one.

I personally think physical daily planners you can write on are the best.

They are something you have to tangibly touch and write in each day that teaches great organizational tips and gives you practice for recording down important things.

Yet, I know many people like using smart phones better, so feel free to apply these tips to one of the many daily planning apps on smartphones today too.

Either way, all these reasons to use a daily planner will prove just how rewarding a little planning really can be.2

1. It Takes the Stress off

Possibly one of the best reasons to use a daily planner is it helps takes some stress away.

Even if your schedule is jam packed 24/7, seeing it all down on paper makes you feel like you have a handle on things.

It also lets you know you won’t forget anything as long as you write it down, and can show you any free spots that you might be able to take time to yourself.

Getting up each day and following your planner takes the stress away that you might not get everything fit into your schedule the way you wanted.

2. It Creates Self Discipline

Each time you get or make an appointment, you’ll have to remember to put it in your planner.

This helps you remember to start recording events and everything in your schedule, which is great to teach yourself organization skills.

3. It Improves Your Memory

Over time, because you must remember to write in and look at your planner, it improves your memory.

After a while, you’ll also notice that you tend to remember appointments you’ve written down better, how many weeks are in the month, or what errands you’ll need to run each week.

Even though everything is written down, visually seeing it helps improve your brain’s visual memory.

Trust me, it really does work!

It Serves as a Recorder
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