Genius 💡 Reasons Why Every 👐 Woman Should Be a Feminist 👩 ...


Want to know the reasons every woman should be a feminist? It would be fair to say that, thanks to the internet and various forms of extremism at both ends of the spectrum, the word ‘feminism’ is something that is much scarier and more confusing that it needs to be.

Rather than being a genuine belief in equal opportunity, a wonderful feeling of sisterhood and a smashing of the glass ceiling, feminism has sadly become synonymous with ideas like ‘man hating’ which just simply isn’t the case!

In today’s current political climate, where things seem to be going backwards at an alarming rate, we need feminism now more than ever.

Here are just a few reasons every woman should be a feminist.

1. Impossible Beauty Standards

From the moment we are called pretty as little girls, females are expected to live up to certain standards of beauty that, as time goes on, have become completely impossible to achieve.

From impossibly slim-waisted Disney Princesses to air brushed super models on magazine covers, women feel like they are never quite good enough.

Feminism recognises that these standards are constructed and have no bearing on real life, and once you realise this, you will feel so much better about yourself and your place in society.2

That's just one of the reasons every woman should be a feminist.

Outer Beauty over Inner Beauty
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