How to Build πŸ›  Confidence 😁 from a Base of Zero 0️⃣ ...


It sounds easier said than done to claim there are ways for how to build confidence from a base of zero, but it can be achieved.


For some people, confidence comes and flows through them naturally, but for others, it takes a lot more work to find the kind of self esteem and stability that leads to exuding any kind of confidence. Alternatively, somebody who might once have had lots of confidence, may have experienced something traumatic or upsetting in their lives that has lead to a complete loss of all of the self worth that they previously had. If, for one of those reasons or any other, you have found yourself in a position where your confidence is at an all time low, then it might seem like getting it back is an impossible task. This definitely isn’t the case. Here is how to build your confidence from a base of zero.

1. Release ALL Negativity

This is easier said than done, but you need to try to train your mind and body to ignore any negativity that you feel is coming your way. People don’t usually advise escapism to try to solve a problem, but if you need to travel in your mind to a completely different place in order to rid your mind of negative thoughts, then go ahead and do it. The longer you can spend without these negative thoughts interfering, the more healthy your base is going to be to try the next steps.

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