Here Are 7 Most Self Deprecating Phrases People Say, but Shouldn't, Ever ...


Do you say self-deprecating things about yourself? Plenty of us do, and it's time we stopped. We wouldn't be as rude to other people as we are about ourselves, yet we criticise our looks, abilities and achievements. So be wary of saying any of the following things - they're phrases you should never use about yourself โ€ฆ

1. I Look so Fat

If you're always criticising your own body, then stop, especially if you compare yourself unfavourably to others. Start cultivating a healthier body image instead. You probably don't have fat legs or a big butt, whatever you think. And if you really do need to lose some weight for the sake of your health, get working on it. But don't be rude about your own body.

I'm Not Good Enough
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