7 Extremely Important Things You Should Quit Doing to Be More Successful ...


If you didn’t know already, I must tell you that there are a few very important things you should quit doing to be more successful.

Sometimes we tend to get stuck into certain situations that cause us more harm than good and even though we try to do our best and we work really hard to succeed, this thing fails to happen despite of all our efforts.

You shouldn’t always do more in order to accomplish your goals, because there are a few things you ought to avoid so you won’t lose sight of your hopes and dreams.

Just read on and find out those things you should quit doing to be more successful.

1. Quit Multitasking

In my opinion, this is definitely among the things you should quit doing to be more successful.

If you can’t give your fullest attention to a certain thing or activity, it’s better to not start it.

Just postpone it until you’ll be able to dedicate yourself entirely to that thing because otherwise, you’ll only produce unsatisfying results.2

There is also a lot of research which shows that multitasking affects your IQ in a negative way, so this behavior actually making you dumber.

Pretty harsh, but if you want to succeed, make sure you do some quality work because you definitely won’t be able to do that by multitasking.

2. Quit Being Afraid of Rejection

Whenever you ask for something, be prepared for rejection.

Don’t let this sometimes unfounded and irrational fear prevent you from accomplishing your dreams!

By not being afraid of rejection, you won’t have anything to regret later.

Just don’t miss out on any opportunity because you are too afraid that your demand is going to get rejected.

Be brave and take a chance sometimes.

It’s better to try and fail than do nothing and wonder what could have been if you wouldn’t have let that irrational fear prevent you from reaching your goal.2

Quit Being Afraid of Saying No
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