7 Essential✅Skills to MasterⓂ️ for Girls Who Want to Be More Emotionally😀😝😠☹️ Intelligent💡 ...


Emotional intelligence is vastly underrated. Everyone has it, but as with any IQ, it's higher or lower ⬇️ depending on the individual. Likewise, the higher your emotional IQ, the better. It doesn't mean that you're more or less emotional than anybody else, but a high emotional intelligence does mean that you can both control and express your emotions appropriately, that you're aware of your emotions, and you're better able to empathize. You can see why you might want to master a few skills that will raise your emotional intelligence, right?

1. You've Got to Have Empathy

Empathy is generally something you're born with, not something you're taught. However, you can learn 📕 to be more empathetic. First, however, you have to realize and admit that you lack empathy. Learning how to be empathetic involves a lot of introspection. You really have to look 👀 deep into yourself and then open yourself up. Otherwise, you'll still have problems understanding the feelings of others.

You Have to Be as Open-minded as Possible
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