7 Confidence Boosters when You're Feeling out of Sorts ...


Bad days happen to everyone and when one comes your way, a few confidence boosters can help restore your energy and reset your frame of mind.

You and I both know that words are incredibly powerful.

If you are having "one of those days", have a gander at this list of confidence boosters.

I hope one of them will help reset your outlook and in a positive way and get you through the day.

1. Quitting



We have all experienced rough days.

You know, those sort of days where nothing seems to go well and we end up cranky and discouraged.

Those challenges we face can serve to make us stronger.

Whenever that happens, reach for this confidence booster and read it over and over.

The pang of discouragement you feel is not as powerful as your potential.

Remember why you set your goal and resolve to get it done.2

You are smart and capable.

Don't let a bad day ruin your goal.

Your future is stronger than that and deserves more!

Confidence boosters are powerful words to help see you through.

2. VictorY



This quote ties in perfectly with the previous quote about not quitting.

Anytime during the day, we may encounter a bump in the road so big and strong that it jars our comfort and resolve.

It is okay to feel a little upset but try to not let that feeling grow so large that it overtakes you, consumes you.

Fight back!

You are a work of art in progress to which your life plans, goals, and ambitions help shape you into the lovely person you are.

Life is ever growing and evolving so learn and grow with it on your path to be victorious in everything that you do!2

3. Life is Too Short

Life is Too Short


Have you ever come into contact with an energy vampire?

You know, the kind of person who zaps the light out of your path?

Or a person who is just a cloud of negativity and discouraging words?2

Each day is a gift of opportunity to live a full life and fulfill your dreams.

Hanging out with people who are even slightly negative can jar your vibe, discourage you, and derail your progress.2

Life is too short for so much negative interaction.

You deserve the best possible positive environment filled with fantastically supportive friends;2

people who complement your joy and add positivity to your world.

In short: you deserve happiness!

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