7 Things to Say to Yourself for Women Who Need Encouragement 😉👍🏼 ...


We can be hard on ourselves.

We might set goals, and then beat ourselves up if it takes longer to reach milestones.

Rather than give yourself a hard time, change your mindset and focus on what you “have” accomplished.

The truth is, you might be doing better than you think.

Here's how to tell.

1. You’re Working and Moving up

In college, maybe you had dreams of graduating and getting your dream job.

If you weren’t able to find this job, but had to start at the bottom of a company, you might beat yourself.

Even if you didn’t find the job you wanted, the fact that you’re working and moving in the direction you want to go is a good starting point.

Be happy with where you are — it'll get better.

Your Finances Are Improving
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